Asset Protection

pallo1Solutions for challenges
Risk = Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence

We’ll assess your key assets and determine specific threats and weaknesses in your protection circle. Our professionals are able to protect, whether it is key personnel, public image, critical information, infrastructure, equipment or other tangible assets. Getting the upper hand by identifying, determining, assessing, quantifying, prioritizing and by solving problems.

HR Protection
Ensuring safety of your most valuable asset

Methods for your key personnel protection vary from proactive teams of professional operatives, through dynamic intelligence gathering to next-generation preventative designs. We provide the decisive response to mitigate & neutralize unforeseen threats with a quick reaction time.

Dynamic intelligence
Find out what you don’t know from what you already know

Intelligence gathering and analysing is the key in navigating towards your goals successfully. Same applies to protecting your critical information and immaterial assets. We apply various intel gathering methods from technical solutions to human intelligence and covert field surveillance. Dynamic intelligence gathering can also be applied in stress testing your current security plans & procedures by our specially trained red teams.