Aim for excellence

As we continuously educate our own field operatives & management team we also provide training solutions for our clients and partners. Whether you need personnel certified, trained or upskilled in risk management, operative field work or crisis & emergency procedures we provide accredited training by the best professionals. Our training assets and education solutions are available also in-house, at your location internationally.

Where everyone aims for excellence

We are not seeking anyone who is ready and complete in their own or their mother’s respective minds. We never undermine anyone who has the will and heart to become the best. Our professionals are constantly looking for those right individuals with that right attitude and passion.

If education and upskilling yourself for 250-350 hours per year is in your comfort zone and you have one or more key attributes that separate you from the grey mass you might be the one who fills the next opening in our team. Feel free to send us your resume.

People. Partnership. Performance.

We strongly believe that networking with key partners around the globe gives the maximum performance potential. Our dynamic approach to risk & threat management design can be adapted in a variety of environments, cultural frameworks or demographic surroundings.

If you want to progress and develop your business, feel free to contact us with your business proposal, assuming you share our values and are looking for reliable partner with top class resources. Or if you want to expand domestically or even internationally, we are here for you.